Click on any of the community names that are underlined, to see their website and see what they have to offer.  It will be a wealth of information.
Green County has many things to offer the visiting vacationer.  Be a part of the local heritage and step into history.  Or come discover the lovely sights as you bike on our top notch bike trail through the county.  Stay in a bed and breakfast, or in a chalet style hotel.  Eat the local food and enjoy the music.  We live our heritage day to day, and we want you to be a part of it. 

Albany, Wisconsin
Albany offers the peace and tranquility of country and river life, with abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs. The heritage of the English, Norwegian, Swiss, German and other nationalities that settled Albany is apparent in the energy and friendliness of today's residents.

Belleville, Wisconsin
Visit Belleville and a community on the Sugar River.  See the Great Blue Herons that frequent the lake and join in at the community festivals.  Click on their name to find out more.

Brodhead, Wisconsin
Brodhead is the southern entrance to the 23 mile bike trail that leads to New Glarus. One of the many delights along the trail is the National Award Winning Clarence Covered Bridge replica constructed by the Brodhead Jaycees.
Brooklyn, Wisconsin
Whether you are enjoying the beauty of the scenery, or coming for the famous Depot Days, your visit to Brooklyn will be a memorable one.
Browntown, Wisconsin
Browntown is one of Green County's smallest communities, but it does not lack in personality.  The scenic drive, whether you're in a car or on a bike, is well worth the trip.
Monticello, Wisconsin
Imagine yourself in the rolling hills of Green County in southern Wisconsin, and you'll find yourself in Monticello, the Heart of Green County. This friendly community lies in the southwestern part of the state between New Glarus, America's Little Switzerland, and Monroe, the Green County seat.  A getaway located thirty miles south of Madison, Wisconsin's capital, Monticello offers the closeness to the city and the wonders of the country.  Monticello is a community with heart.  That heart reaches out to visitors, as well as, to recent and longtime residents.  Stepping onto Main Street, you're greeted with warm hospitality.  There's a feeling of home.

Monroe, Wisconsin

The City of Monroe is the county seat and the largest city in Green County.  Monroe and the Green County area are known throughout the country for the production of fine cheeses.  We carry the title of the "Swiss Cheese Capital of U.S.A." Our Swiss heritage is evident throughout the community.  The area's current diversification in agriculture, manufacturing, and retail creates a robust and steadfast economy.  Our future goals are to not look just to the horizons, but beyond. 

New Glarus, Wisconsin

America's "Little Switzerland" New Glarus is located in the heart of Green County in Southern Wisconsin. Its rolling hills dotted with small towns, farms, and woodland pastures are much like the alpine farmlands of Glarus, Switzerland. When you arrive at the village entrance, you will quickly understand its popularity as a destination. New Glarus is America's "Little Switzerland."

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